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Cheata Stretx    compression garments ENCOURAGE spinal alignment - they do not arbitrarily force the shoulders back or "scaffold" the torso up. We call that "scarecrowing" - meaning creating a phony torso alignment with posture braces which in turn may cause further muscle deterioration, weakness, and more back pain. 

Through localized stretching compression, back muscles are supported and stimulated into proper alignment. Ideal for a multitude of wearers - from athletes looking to dramatically improve their form and balance to people who must sit for long periods of time.

Cheata Stretx helps you build strength, retrain your postural instincts, and relieve aching back pain through contouring support.

​Fully opening zipper track and racer back straps. Upward directional zipper.

Cheata stretx   Recovery Bra


Cheata STRETX   Lockdown Bra


STRETX    posture therapy and back support


Cheata stretx   sTep-In Bra


​Wide set straps and closed end downward directional zipper. Reversible (zipper may be worn in the front or rear).

​​Racer back straps and closed

end downward directional zipper.